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Dedicated to helping in Service and in Light

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For People
Full Clearing
Location Clearing
Trauma Discovery & Relief
Celestial Guide Connection

For Animals
Clearing & Physical Healing
Location Clearing
Communication & Bonding

**Consultations and other services available upon request**

Services include an optional zoom video call or voice call and generally take about 1 hour.
All services can be completed without a call if preferred.
A report will provided to those who do not prefer a call. 

To book or inquire please fill in the information below.  
If booking, you will receive an Email confirmation with links for payment and scheduling.

General inquiries are very welcome.
All services are $80 
Payment plan available upon request.

Booking Section


**Not ready to book?  Inquiries are welcome!  Please note inquiry above and add any details to the comments section.  I will get back to you within a few days with a recommendation for a service or consultation.
Every service is tailored for the situation.

I will reply within 3 days. Thank you!

What we do:
Provide a variety of clearing, healing, and other services for people and animals. 


How we do it:
A Celestial Guide and I work together in Service to restore Harmony to people, animals, and places.


Astral Helper has been created to provide help in Service.

Through a series of unique opportunities and events I was given the opportunity to learn a new and efficient way to clear, heal, and connect. 

Through my training I became connected with a Celestial Guide who offers his infinite love to 
all life on this planet in the form of healing.  In partnership, we work together to restore harmony, health, and well-being for all.  Personally, I have been astounded by the healings of physical and mental trauma in myself, others, and animals.

These services are offered through Love and Light with hope for a more balanced world.
This is achieved one life at a time.

I am happy to share details and answer questions upon request.



Sarah F.  Stuttgart, Germany
Service: Full Clearing 
"Today I woke up free from anxiety and fears that have always plagued me.  I no longer fear social situations and am able to travel by plane.  I am absolutely shocked by the change in myself." 

Brittany L.  Chicago, IL
Service: Guide Connection & Weekly Consultation
I have known Ben for years and he has always been a sensitive, thoughtful, and caring spiritual advisor. He’s opened my mind to many new ideas and experiences and understandings of the other side. We live in a complex world and knowing that there are other things out there is a comfort.  Navigating my spiritual practice has been comforting with Ben along my side. His guidance has helped me through difficult and uncertain times. Through learning about past life experiences I’ve been able to heal my current life and confirm thoughts and feelings that could have only come from a previous place and time.  His talents have opened my mind, heart, and inner spirit to let in the divine white light that shines over all of us. 

Courtney L.  Indianapolis, IN
Service: Animal Clearing/Healing
"My mini poodle Terri has had chronic ear pain that meds were not helping with.  About 7 days after her healing by Ben she stopped digging at her ear and it has been able to heal.  Little Terri and I are very grateful!"

Jill R.  St. Joseph, MN
Service: Animal Clearing/Healing - In Person Visit
"The visible reaction that my horse was having during the healing process was amazing to see.  She was clearly enjoying it."


Website Logo2 - New 3-19-20_edited.jpg
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